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The newest indicators for scalping. Part 2

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Good afternoon, dear friends, traders. I present to you the second part of the best indicators for scalping. I sincerely believe that with the help of them, you can earn a lot of money in the near future.

I remind you, not every broker is good at scalping. “Kitchens” generally do not need scalping, because means traders they do not withdraw!


The accuracy of the indicator is 9.0 / 10. Used to disperse the deposit .

The latest accurate indicator that works on time intervals M1-M15. In fact, it uses not 3 lines of indicators, but their correlated values. It is much more convenient and gives greater accuracy of entry. The system is well suited for finding divergences and convergences , and also makes it quite easy to find price reversal points.

How to trade?

You need to trade only at small time intervals in order to earn more money. Signals to enter are not very frequent, but for a day can be up to 10-30 transactions on one pair. With a strong decline in the indicator lines, relative to its past values, you need to look for points to buy, and with a significant increase – sales.

The essence of the work is to find the intersection point of the indicator at a local minimum or maximum, and the yield will depend on it.

The deal closes on the opposite signal, but you can set yourself other rules. Try to overclock the account using the standard settings. Checked others – work worse. Today, the indicator works best on GBPUSD. It is easy to understand, very technical and the indicator confirms this. Trading with a risk of 5% of the deposit (for aggressors), profits can reach 250% per month and this is not the limit.


Indicator accuracy – 8.75 / 10

An old idea is a new mode of transmission.

A great indicator for finding price reversal levels. Well suited to work as a scalper, and medium-term traders. The indicator is very easy to apply. After installing the currency pair on the chart, you will see that below the price will be the levels for purchases, and above the price – sales.

Following these tips, working with the trend, you can earn good money using scalping. It is best to use the system on the euro / dollar, where the least noise. Although, working with the trend, and you can trade on the pound / dollar, the profit in any case will be more loss.

How to trade?

Buy pending orders from Op_buy levels, sell from Op_sell. Stop loss orders must be placed at the next level of purchase or sale, because there is another strong level.

Profit is taken at will, but it should not be less than 10-15pt. It is best to set a fixed profit in the region of 50 pts, in case of a strong movement, but most often, traders close the deal based on indications of other indicators. If you bought from the level, I recommend taking profits from the first level for sales, in order to squeeze everything out of the market.

Extrapolator _-_ sincMA

Indicator accuracy – / 10. Lead algorithm.

A very complex algorithm based on several standard technical analysis indicators. Able to predict price ahead of schedule. Lead or lag is set in the input parameters. It is better not to change the settings, then it shows best. The probability of a correct forecast is up to 75%. This is not very much, but if you work with the trend, then the end point of the rollback is very important, you can earn faster.

If you set this indicator, you will see that the blue area is the history of the trading instrument, and the red one is the forecast. I use this indicator as an analyzer, if there is no free time for fundamental analysis.

We switch to a 5-minute chart of the euro / dollar currency pair, changing the trun parameter from 3 to 5. As you can see, the line predicting price changes has become smoother. Smoothing allows you to get rid of the noise, but at the same time there is a risk that the trader will miss the beginning of a strong movement, so if there is a strong smoothing, trading should always go with safety orders. After the market transitions to a profitable zone, it is necessary to transfer the transaction to breakeven, which will allow you not to lose what you have already earned.


The indicator accuracy is 10.0 / 10. Analytical signal indicator.

A very interesting indicator that draws price action patterns. The system draws bull and bear acquisitions, as well as some other candle formations. If you set the indicator, you can see that its signals are very accurate. Transactions concluded on these signals give high performance.

How to trade?

To work with this indicator, it is desirable to know the most popular candlestick patterns, so you can filter not the most profitable deals. After that, you need to configure the indicator. I recommend using the default settings, they work best. Be careful with cross rates, they may experience problems due to high price activity.

Suppose 1 bar ago a bullish takeover signal has occurred. Naturally, the indicator will show a signal with an up arrow. The question is where to place the safety order and where to get the profit. When working with acquisitions, the safety stop loss is set at the level of the nearest local extremum, and take profit is an important level or a signal in the opposite direction.

Since the accuracy of the signals is high, you can make deals using a soft martingale system. To earn an average of each transaction, you need to increase your position 1.1-1.25 times in the event of a loss in order to earn the next one and discourage the previous transaction.


Indicator accuracy – 8.0 / 10. Calculates the correlation of currency pairs.

You can often find traders who claim to trade correlation. Now this is a popular topic, since inefficiencies have begun to occur a little more often. The question is, how long is it … The algorithm takes 2 currency pairs, you can set them in the settings, compares their average movement for a certain number of bars. This value is substituted into the correlation calculation formula to display the data on the graph.

My default is the calculation of the correlation for two pairs, EURUSD and GBPUSD with a settlement period of 288 bars. The correlation can be considered not for such a long period. When trading on the M15 chart, it is enough to use a period of 16 bars.

How to trade?

There is always a guide. In the market, this is a more crowded currency – the euro. In terms of liquidity, the pound is slightly weaker, so it will almost always go for euros. It is known that the average correlation between these currency pairs is up to 90%. Wait until the correlation index (in other words, the dependence of the movement of one currency on the other) falls. As soon as it drops to 60-70%, open the euro chart. If the price on it rises, look at the pound / dollar. At low correlation, inefficiency will appear.

Roughly speaking: the euro is growing, the pound is in place – we are buying, as if by removing the inaccuracy of the market.


The indicator accuracy is 7.0 / 10. Part of the strategy “breakout morning flat”.

Many traders have noticed the formation of a trading range in the Asian session. At the opening of the European session, this range breaks through, often with a rather powerful impulse. Traders are always interested in such moments, since the earnings on impulses can be quite significant.

The indicator draws levels for the Asian session. If there is a level of support for yesterday, then today the market can break through it. It’s easy to make money on it. If the price is higher than this level, and it is not redrawn and installed on a new one, in case of closing the platform, you need to set orders for the breakdown: sell stops and buy stops. The price can break through the level only the next day, so you should not delete orders without a reason, which can bring a good profit.

Stop loss and take profit is not set. Risks should be moderate. Once on one forum, I saw the statement of a person who traded only on this indicator. The profitability of the system reached a fantastic 600% per month – I would not have believed it myself, but it is so. You can also try to earn money by starting trading from 500-1000 dollars. By the way, the larger the deposit, the more expensive your used time will be.


Indicator accuracy – 8.5 / 10. Suitable for moderate scalping.

An interesting indicator with a multi-algorithm. Only the indicator period is displayed in the input parameters. The system is somewhat similar to RSI with additional anti-aliasing. I recommend working with the indicator only on the main currency pairs. Honestly, having rummaged in the code, I did not find anything particularly.

How to trade?

RSX is a typical oscillator. The range of its values ​​from -100 to +100. The area in which you need to prepare for shopping – 0-30, for sales – 70-100. The very essence of the oscillator is that the more the value goes out of the 30-70 zone, the more difficult this value changes (quadratic dependencies).

Shopping: we look at the indicator readings. If the curve is rounded and starts to grow, you need to buy. Sometimes the values ​​form divergences, in which case you can simply average. I trade on the M15 chart so that the averages are not too frequent. The deal to buy closes when approaching level 70, where you can already preparing for sales.

Sales: the indicator is in the zone of 70-100 and is preparing for a decline. As soon as the values ​​begin to fall, you need to sell. The deal closes with a decline to level 30. I would not set a stop loss, as it is sometimes better averaged when working on this system.

Tip: You can only trade according to the trend, filtering it with the help of the EMA 100, then the profitability will slightly decrease, but the stability will be increased.


Indicator accuracy is over 10/10. Earnings in the form of an ultimatum!

The most accurate indicator of those that I have seen. It brings income in any market, any currency pair and timeframe. If you look at the input settings, you may notice that the settings are very flexible, it is possible to adjust a dozen components of the algorithm. I trade on the M5, I think that’s enough, but if you want, you can trade on the M1.

How to trade?

First, decide on the number of currency pairs you will work on. In order not to litter the screen, it is better to work simultaneously with no more than 4 pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD and NZDUSD. Trade on the M5-interval to have time to think.

Purchase: As soon as the histogram leaves the negative zone and enters the positive one, you need to buy it at the next bar. When working with this indicator, it is advisable to put safety stop losses. This will allow to avoid possible losses, and their absence – a pledge to quick earnings.

Sale: Reverse situation. The indicator enters the negative zone – we sell. As you can see, the indicator does not change the signal so often, which means that you can most likely catch a big price move, with some risks.


Indicator accuracy – – / 10. More suitable for trend detection than for entrances.

An interesting development from a familiar programmer. The indicator shows the direction of the trend for a certain time period. The problem is that it will not enter the market, it does not give signals. Meanwhile, it will be much more convenient for any beginner to build trend lines on the indicator, rather than on the price chart, since beginners often get confused, draw trends from the shadows, or from the closing of candles.

I recommend using ultra oscillator in conjunction with other indicators. For example, overlaying the RSI oscillator will already show an input signal. It will not be very accurate, but for accuracy, above you can find the UltimateMACD indicator and make deals on it. For some reason, this indicator is among the top 100, probably due to the opportunity to give the trader psychological support, which is also important.

Attach RSI, as it is done in the screenshot. Possible entry points appear immediately. I agree, the indicator must be calibrated under the current market, and even better to test in Forex Tester 2, which now can be downloaded here.

How to trade?

Try to look for divergences on the indicator, they will be displayed on the price, so you can better understand the market. By applying and calibrating various indicators, you can create a working trading system with an accuracy higher than average.

Let’s try to tighten the EMA 100 Moving on this indicator. You can see how well the moving average works. There are also strategies at the intersection of 2-3 medium, if they are screwed to the basement window, a good strategy can come out, and the work schedule will not be cluttered, it will be possible to set important levels and trading zones on it.


The indicator accuracy is 7.75 / 10. Draws a graphic figure “Wedge”.

The figure “Wedge” works great on any trading instruments. It is known that the wedge breakdown is accompanied by a strong impulse. This surge has to be taken by the trader. The indicator draws wedges on the chart.

If it is quite wide, then the price movement down or up can be quite significant. The screenshot shows an example of how to work with the indicator. By default, for the last N periods he finds the maximum and minimum point, builds trend lines along them, drawing a wedge.

How to use?

Everyone has their own preferences, but I recommend working with pending orders on the breakdown of the pattern boundaries. If the price breaks the limit of the range, the movement can be very strong, and therefore the need for foot is slightly reduced.

Nevertheless, it is best to put it in the amount of 20 pt for reinsurance. The profit is taken at will, I don’t give any recommendations here, as there is nothing to catch on in this algorithm.

In these two parts (part one) I laid out about 20 of the best indicators that are really worthy of attention. Unfortunately, more than 90% of the indicators do not work, they only show what is.