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Is China seeking to buy the entire world?

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China’s rapid acquisition of oil, gas, and shares in major companies and transportation infrastructure worldwide has sparked concerns about Beijing’s intentions and the source of its funds. Let’s delve into the issue, starting with transportation infrastructure. China has indeed shown a keen interest in this sector, purchasing shares in European companies, particularly in ports. This move is crucial for the successful completion of the ambitious “Belt and Road Initiative” project. One of the primary goals of this project is to connect Chinese manufacturers with the European market.

If this project succeeds, it could position China as a geopolitical player capable of rivaling the United States for global influence. China would have its own global transportation infrastructure, free from American control. Political commentator Dmitry Galkin rightly points out that not even the Soviet Union had such capabilities to expand its economic and political influence.

The US administration acknowledges this reality. They have openly declared their opposition to the successful completion of this project and have demonstrated their commitment to preventing it. Washington strongly opposes Chinese companies gaining control over European ports.

The United States understands the potential implications of China’s global expansion and is taking steps to counter it. The situation is far from resolved, and it remains to be seen how this power dynamic will unfold.

Countries in the Baltic and Southern Europe have been forced to halt planned deals as a result of these circumstances. Consequently, Chinese companies are now acquiring European transportation infrastructure indirectly, through intermediaries.

The standoff surrounding the “Belt and Road Initiative” project has China concerned that the United States will take measures to restrict energy supplies to China and hinder high-tech production by Chinese companies.

In response, Beijing is preparing for countermeasures by gaining control over the extraction of raw materials essential for computer technology production, primarily rare earth metals and sapphires.

All of this implies that despite Washington’s machinations, China will continue to strengthen its position in the global economy, increasingly asserting its role as a global leader.

According to Evgeny Smirnov, Acting Head of the Department of World Economy and International Economic Relations at the State University of Management, China’s share in global exports has grown rapidly over the past two decades. Many countries have become highly dependent on importing Chinese semi-finished goods and components.

As a global importer, China seeks to increase its import of oil and gas amidst lower export and import growth rates compared to previous years. The country has even increased its procurement of synthetic sapphires from Russia, which are necessary for microelectronics production.

By diversifying its resource acquisitions and fortifying its position in key industries, China strategically enhances its economic influence and resilience on the world stage.