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Forex signals

Forex trading requires precise entries and exits for every trade transaction. Today there are already many analytical informers, programs and online platforms for a thorough analysis of various patterns, with an assessment of signal strength and statistical probabilities of signal processing.

Today we look at the best online platform for analyzing the market situation – Autochartist.

Earn Money with Autochartist

After registration, you will be available to many tools for analyzing the market, as well as, signal quality analysis, time symmetry, clarity and coefficient symmetry. When choosing the best signals, the number of profitable transactions may exceed 90%, and if management is properly followed, these signals will be able to withdraw a trading deposit to a significant plus in weeks.

To analyze a currency pair using Autochartist, recently, it is an application, you need to use the menu “Active trading opportunities.” In this window, you can sort the signals by their strength, currency pair, pattern, and time interval. It is better to trade only the fresh formations that you know, since for each of them you need to set your own stop loss and take profit.

Let’s try to analyze the current situation on the AUDUSD currency pair, as the sound signal sounded on it, which means it is the freshest formation at the moment. Signal quality is as high as possible.

Click on this signal in the window with trading opportunities and see that on the H4 chart (240M), a pattern appeared on the growth of ABCD. The pattern is not yet completed, since point C has not been formed, but this is enough to place a pending buy order at point C.

After training and a little experience, any novice trader will be able to earn good money using algorithmic analysis. Time spent on trading will be minimal, besides, customers can use this platform for free, unlike clients of other brokers.

Try to use only those harmonic patterns that you know. Pay attention to the age of the pattern. It is not necessary to enter the old signals and transactions, the signals for which could already be broken. The probability of working out depends on the first few bars after the appearance of the input signal. While I was writing this article, another strong signal appeared on H4, but on a different currency pair.