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Concerns about recession in the USA diminish

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Investment bank Bank of America has observed a decrease in market fears of a recession in the USA, as indicated by the decline in bond yield spreads to new yearly lows, reports Business Insider. Typically, a decrease in yield spreads serves as an indication of increased investor confidence in corporate earnings. If this trend continues, it guarantees a continuation of the rally in the American stock market.

According to a July survey of credit investors, while the possibility of a recession remains a topic of discussion, investors have shown less concern about it since May 2022. Among other concerns for bond investors are inflation, rising interest rates, and geopolitical risks.

Yield spreads on bonds represent the premium investors receive for taking on greater risk when purchasing lower-priced corporate bonds compared to more secure US Treasury bonds. When such spreads decrease, investors become more confident in corporate earnings and the overall economy.

If bond yields decline, it can be compared to a continued rise in stocks while maintaining high corporate earnings. This correlation supports the notion that investors are optimistic about the future performance of the economy and the profitability of corporations.